Holly Holm Puts Bethe Correia’s Lights Out With Third Round Head Kick

Holly Holm just put Bethe Correia’s lights out in the third round of the main event for UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore.

The first two rounds were certainly nothing worth talking about. Both fighters fought cautiously, landing few strikes and irritating the audience in Singapore, who showered them with boos.

By the middle of the second round, referee Marc Goddard had seen enough, telling both fighters that while he appreciated their game plans, they had to be more aggressive.

There was a minor uptick in the action, but for the most part, the second round ended on the same low note as the first.

The third round, however, told a different story. Bethe challenged Holm to come at, and much to the Brazilian’s dismay, that is exactly what Holm did, landing the exact same head kick that ended the brutal reign of Ronda Rousey years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, Holly Holm is back in the win column!


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