Marcin Tybura Gives Andrei Arlovski His Fifth Loss In A Row

Marcin Tybura just gave Andrei Arlovski his fifth loss in a row tonight at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore.

The first round already seemed to spell the end for Arlovski. Though Andrei landed an impressive spinning back kick, Tybura snatched an attempted front kick and took Arlovski down.

Andrei held Marcin in guard for a while, but eventually Tyrbura passed and battered his opponent.

Arlovski tried to scramble out, but the only thing he accomplished was either giving up his back or ending up under Marcin’s mount. By some miracle, he not only survived the onslaught of punches and elbows raining down on him, but came back at the end of the round with some huge punches of his own.

Both fighters looked tired in the second, and though Andrei threw some hard punches that may have given him the round, both fighters spent most of the second in the clinch, making the second round rather uneventful.

Tybura got the takedown in the third round, and again dominated, punching away at the downed Arlovski and attempting a rear naked choke.

By the end of the fight, there was no question — seemingly not even on Andrei Arlovski’s mind — about who won the fight.

However, though he had clearly won the fight, Marcin Tybura could not help but remind his opponent, who had left the cage, of how much he respected him:


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