How Hard Should You Roll?

How hard should you roll?

This is a complicated question because obviously it depends on whom you’re rolling against and where you’re rolling against this person. If you’re a 180-pound purple belt rolling against a 185-pound brown belt at a competition, and that competition has a $10,000 prize, you’re going to use as much power as you can. On the other hand, if you’re rolling against a 125-pound, brand new white belt at your gym, you’re obviously not going to use as much power.

In the video below, Coach Tom Davey from The Grappling Academy addresses this important question. He says that the amount of strength and speed you use should depend on who and where you’re rolling.

However — and this is something many upper belts forget — he also says that, no matter whom you’re rolling against, you should always be using proper technique. In other words, don’t get sloppy in order to make it easier for your opponent, no matter what belt level she is.

Check out Coach Tom’s video below to see why.


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