How Quickly Would This Guy Get Stabbed In a Real Fight?

Yes, this one is a few months old. But the internet is heavily populated real estate and the journey is ongoing.

We know how we personally feel about this demo. We’ve been clear in the past about the problems with self-defense training estranged from any ongoing weekly regimen, and about the sad reality of videos that show defense “techniques” against “attackers” that don’t resist. But since it’s the weekend and this guy has some athletic coordination, we thought it’d be nice to get a little social and open the floor!

On a scale of Flat Earth Theory to Speaking In Tongues At One Of Those Rattlesnake Churches, how much nonsense is in this video? You decide.

Self Defense Techniques

Self Defense Master Shows How To Protect Yourself

Posted by LazyLad on Saturday, March 31, 2018



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