Hyperfly and LionHeart Team Up for “Africa Gi,” Benefitting Local Grapplers

Remember this heartwarming, Disney-ready story about the Sudanese grapplers? Obviously, many members of our community wanted to help these intrepid athletes and those like them, and now it looks like gi specialists Hyperfly have paired up with LionHeart to make that even more possible.

To recap, last month seven Sudanese grapplers crammed into a rundown old bus, then drove across the African plains, mountains, and some seriously sketchy political spaces to get to their very first jiu-jitsu tournament. The trip took about a week, bringing the team of war survivors and orphans from their hometown Muqatel Training Center in Sudan to the Nairobi Open.

The LionHeart Initiative, the group which helped fund the athlete’s trip and get word about their inspiring story to the largery BJJ community, have apparently teamed up with Hyperfly for a forthcoming gi and documentary. A photo of the custom gi popped up on Reddit earlier today, while the trailer for the doc landed on Vimeo. Notes on the film say it will help introduce the “founding fathers” of jiu-jitsu in Africa to the rest of the international grappling community.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a doc or custom gi to help grapplers in countries affected by war and poverty. The LionHeart Initiative can be reached directly for donations at any time.

You can watch the trailer here:


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