The 4th Secretly Filmed Shugyo Invitational Episode Features An End No One Saw Coming

A few weeks ago, news of the Shugyo Invitational made waves around the jiu-jitsu community. The newly hatched promotion, which features some of the sport’s top up-and-coming BJJ stars, offers a new spin on the standard jiu-jitsu promotion. You can read all about what makes this new promotion so cool (and watch the first episode) here, but to summarize: sub-only, no-time-limit matches, all filmed in secret with no outside spectators, all edited into concise, entertaining episodes that highlight the best parts and leave out all the boring parts.

Now, four exciting episodes of the competition have been released. You can watch episode 2 here and episode 3 here, but make sure you also have time to watch the fourth episode as well, because multiple people are calling it the most exciting (and surprising) one yet.

This episode features Josh Bacallao vs. Keith Krikorian and Max Rohskopf vs. Ethan Crelinsten. And trust us, if you think you know how it’ll all end, you’re probably wrong. Check it out!


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