PGF Offering Fantasy Grappling League With $1,000 Grand Prize

Fantasy sports leagues have been in existence for ages, but rarely has there been a prize so lucrative for a fantasy grappling league as the one offered by the Professional Grappling Federation.

The promotion, which is run by 10th Planet black belt Brandon Mccaghren, is moving to release its second season after their first season saw 32 athletes compete in the 195lb division. This time around, there were 16 competitors in the 225lb division, each one competing against each other in a round-robin format for a total of fifteen matches each, according to a report from Egghead Warrior.

The score format for the PGF is different from what we see at most jiu-jitsu tournaments. Yes, there are points, but the only way to earn them is by getting a submission, which can come in the form of a choke (or “kill,” worth seven points) or a joint lock (or “break,” worth three points). Athletes will also earn a point for a submission under one minute, but a draw (where no submission occurs) will not be worth any points. The competitor with the most points at the end of the season wins.

The promotion’s fantasy league has provided fans with an innovative way to keep up with the action and keep them invested in the competitors, many of whom will be familiar to followers of other sub-only promotions like Fight 2 Win. Using the website Fantasizr, the PGF gives you the option to “spend” up to $120 of fantasy cash on up to seven competitors to add to your roster. The “prices” range from $10 to $24, encouraging participants to do as much research on their chosen athletes as possible so they can make the best choices for their fantasy team.

The matches have already happened and were pre-recorded, but they will be released over the course of eight weeks on Friday evenings once the footage is edited, with the first week being released on March 5. What you’ll be seeing is the end result of all the athletes living together for a week in Decatur, Alabama, and having an average of three matches per day to determine the winner. Per Egghead, the first week released on YouTube will feature eight matches, with sixteen matches released in each of the following weeks. And of course, you can change your fantasy lineup every week as desired.

The grapplers aren’t the only ones who will be winning during this season of the PGF — one fantasy league winner will take home $1,000, upping the stakes from simple ‘fun and games’ and providing some serious incentive for viewers to pay close attention to who’s competing and how they’re faring on a weekly basis.

Below is a list of the athletes in season two of the PGF:

  • Hunter Colvin (Triton BJJ, Tulsa, OK)
  • Randy Roden (Scramble BJJ, Rome, GA)
  • Stephen Eakin (10th Planet Perry, Perry, GA)
  • Joshua Gibbs (Nomad BJJ, Lynchburg, VA)
  • James Regina (10th Planet Kansas City, Kansas City, MO)
  • Sam Barbosa (10th Planet Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL)
  • Kemoy Anderson (10th Planet El Paso, El Paso, TX)
  • Justin Williams (Webster Martial Arts, Decatur, AL)
  • Grayson Webster (Webster Martial Arts, Triad BJJ, Decatur, AL)
  • Kevin Primeau (10th Planet Decatur, Decatur, AL)
  • Elijah Carlton (Southside BJJ, Chattanooga, TN)
  • Mike Johnson (Spartan MMA SBG, Birmingham, AL)
  • Jake Elkins (Ironclad Wrestling, 10th Planet Decatur, Birmingham, AL)
  • Matt Elkins (Ironclad Wrestling, Birmingham, AL)
  • Zack Edwards (Brazilian Fight Factory, Austin, TX)

Check out the PGF website for more information and to start building your fantasy grappling team.


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