Sapateiro Promoter Josh Leduc & Friends Save Canceled Chickjitsu Event At The Last Minute

Competitive grappling as a sport is still young.  One persistent issue is the occasional last-minute cancellation of events, and unfortunately, Chickjitsu, a women’s event to take place this weekend, was canceled this morning.  The event scheduled to be held in Tampa was a women’s only event including divisions for kids and adults as well as a $3k pro absolute division. The details of the cancellation are still unknown.

Fortunately in nearby Palmetto, Florida, Sapateiro promoter Josh Leduc (or as I like to call him, the “Santa Claus of Jiu-Jitsu”) had other ideas. He recruited his friends Bill Murphy and Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu bossman Mike Ciprianni to save the day. 

“I had heard about the cancelation earlier in the day but hadn’t put much thought into it other than a couple of my kids wouldn’t be able to compete. Then my student Dani Harris, who runs the Artemis Invitational, told me that there was supposed to be the $3k cash absolute division and that a lot of women had traveled in for the event. Some flying in, and a few driving over 20 hours to compete.

“So I called my coach, Billy Murphy, asking him if he would be interested in throwing down to get these girls an opportunity to compete. He generously offered to back whatever I needed and told me to double the money. I then reached out to Mike Ciprianni with Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu Club and he immediately was on board. He does so much for professional grappling and specifically women’s grappling.

“I always know that I can call both those guys when I need support, or when I want to help the community. They’re always giving.”

The event comes a week after Leduc’s most recent Sapateiro event, but brings its own appeal

“The interesting thing about this bracket is it’s open to any woman. No entry fee, all weights and ranks. I wasn’t really privy to all the women who were competing in the event. I do know for a fact Trinity Pun is in, and it sounds like Tubby Alequin. It will be streamed live and free on Combat on Demand’s Facebook page, Sapateiro Invitational and Artemis Invitational Facebook and YouTube.”

Leduc also shared details regarding the future of Sapateiro.

“I currently don’t have any events planned for Sapateiro for 2021. We had our last event of the year last weekend in Knoxville Tennessee. I’m waiting for the birth of my son in December, and then I’ll be back for events at the end of the first quarter of 2021. I’m still doing some things behind the scenes with adding sponsors and growing the brand strategically, new venues. As well as helping some shows that are coming to Florida because of Northern lockdowns.

“I’m just grateful to have people in my life like Mike and Bill. I called them, told them my idea, immediately they were both in. Now less than 24 hours later, we will be putting on a great event. I’m looking forward to watching some great women’s matches. Two weekends in a row of great competition between Artemis last weekend and this!”

Chickjitsu will take place today, November 21 at 12:30 pm EST and can be streamed live here and here.


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