Mamba Sports Academy Jiu-Jitsu Winter Classic To Give Spotlight (And Cash Prizes) To White & Blue Belts In February

Black and brown belts always get lots of love when they compete, but now, multiple-time World Champion Gabriel Arges is working to give some love to the white and blue belts of competitive jiu-jitsu, too.

The Mamba Jiu-Jitsu Winter Classic, which will take place on February 22, will be going above and beyond to recognize the hard work of the “lower belts” who show up to compete. The event will feature a gi and no-gi tournament, but the gi portion will only be open to white and blue belts. The no-gi component will feature a beginner division comprised of white and blue belts, and an advanced division for purple, brown, and black belts. IBJJF rules will apply to all divisions.

The exclusivity of the gi division allows newer practitioners to have the focus placed on them, but they’ll be getting more than just the spotlight — success at the Mamba Jiu-Jitsu Winter Classic can provide participants with great prizes as well. White belt winners in the gi divisions will receive promotional items, and the blue belt open weight winners will receive $500. There’s cash to be had in the no-gi tournament, too, with $500 going to the winners of the beginners’ open weight divisions and $750 going to the winners of the advanced open weight divisions.

Many competitors have to move pretty far up the ranks before they start earning legitimate prize money through jiu-jitsu, and this tournament is a great opportunity for athletes of all levels to test themselves and bring home some extra cash in the process.

The Mamba Jiu-Jitsu Winter Classic will take place on February 22 at Mamba Sports Academy in California. Early-bird registration ends on January 31, and discounted rates apply if you sign up for both gi and no-gi, so make sure you sign up quickly!


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