A Dazed Ma Jia Wen Tries To Kneebar The Ref After Getting Knocked Out In ONE Championship Fight

Many martial arts coaches encourage you to drill a technique until you can do it in your sleep, and that’s almost what happened at one fight at Friday’s ONE Championship: A New Tomorrow in Thailand.

The fight was between Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg and Ma Jia Wen, but it didn’t last long. Zoltsetseg knocked out his opponent in just 54 seconds in an explosive bout that had the crowd screaming. Still, the action wasn’t over even after the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Ma, extremely dazed after being knocked out, grabbed the referee’s leg and attempted a kneebar, apparently thinking he was Zoltsetseg.

Yes, the moment is a bit humorous, but it also shows Ma’s determination to win even after a brutal knockout… and, of course, that he’s pretty darn comfortable with leg locks. Take a look:


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