IBJJF China Open Reportedly Cancelled After Robson Gracie Promotes Organizer From Blue To Black Belt

Photo: Cui Guoqing

An IBJJF Open event in China was reportedly cancelled after Robson Gracie promoted someone from blue to black belt for helping to organize the event.

According to an article in the Chinese magazine Weixin, the honorary black belt was awarded to a Mr. Cui Guoqing. Robon and Cui were joined by a host of other black belts and one red-and-black coral belt.

Naturally, the promotion wasn’t without its controversy. One person wrote:

If I organize an event, I get money or respect. Or just respect. For anything else I work hard every day.

According to a post on reddit (though this has not been confirmed yet), the IBJJF was also not happy with the promotion and therefore cancelled the IBJJF Open in China.

To wit:

The IBJJF caught wind and as of now the China Open has been cancelled and taken off the comp calendar in protest.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will keep you updated as this story develops.


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