McKenzie Dern Says, ‘I Want To Submit Fast’ For Brazil

Photo/Instagram: @ mackenziedern

McKenzie Dern is making the media rounds as she prepares for her May May 12th match up with Amanda Bobby Cooper. In recent weeks, she’s heard Cooper’s criticisms of her MMA skills. Cooper has said that wasn’t “too impressed” by Dern’s fighting so far.

Dern didn’t seem to be too hurt by the verbal jabs, laughing, “All of Amanda’s losses are by submission, so I think the fight with Amanda is gonna be a good match up with me. I think it’s gonna be way easier than against Ashley, who is taller and everything.” With Cooper’s history of submission losses (three on record), she is talking a big game.

Dern plans to make a statement to her Brazilian fans, “I’ll be in Brazil; I’m a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter. I want to like show jiu-jitsu, so I’m going to finish as fast as possible this fight.” She’s not afraid of standing up, but does not plan to keep the fight on the feet this time.

The outcome will be decided this weekend at UFC 224.


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