Internet Troll Challenged An Olympic Medalist Boxer

The UnderGround Gym Challenge Series: The odious Charlie Zelenoff subjected Olympic medalist Deontay “The Bronze Bomber”…

Posted by The Underground on Wednesday, November 11, 2015


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  2. //99% of the world should be working for somebody. Not everybody should be entrepreneurs.//Everybody works for somebody. Even an entrepreneur. That somebody is called a “customer”. It would do well especially for entrepreneurs to remember it. Because entrepreneurs do not have salaries regardless of how well or badly they served the customer today. Cliched perhaps but true.

  3. Maybe 3 years… just kidding ;PI have done all the tough work in this 2 years so I expect to have the stats working a little bit earlier. I don’t like giving estimates, because it depends a lot on the available time I have and that varies a lot from month to moth, but I would expect to have it ready within the next 3 months.

  4. Further, fine of 10 lakhs is not for providing "inadequate information" as mentioned in your post, it for "refusal" or "failure" to furnish the information. "Inadequacy" of "information" in Form 27 is dealt in Section 146 itself and the Controller has power to seeking "adequate" information by sending a notice to the patentee under Section 146 (1). Again "refusal" or "failure" in attending to that notice may attract Section 122 (1)and not otherwise. AP


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