Polaris 5 Results: Jake Shields Takes Majority Decision Victory Over Dan Strauss

Polaris 5 Results
Polaris 5 screenshot

Jake Shields has earned himself another grappling victory, coming out of Polaris 5 with a majority decision win over Dan Strauss.

The two started the match in the collar tie, pushing each other off the mat.

Strauss then sat to guard, controlling Jake first with his butterfly guard and then with his full guard. The overwhelming majority of the match took place here, with Shields trying to struggle out and Strauss trapping Jake’s arms. ┬áStrauss looked like he was going for an omoplata a couple of times, but there were very few submission attempts from either fighter.

Jake, for his part, managed to pass to side control, but he went right back to guard.  These passes no doubt helped him secure his victory.

With only a little under two minutes to go, the two stood up again and locked horns. Jake scored a takedown, but he went right into Strauss’ guillotine. Shields, however, popped his head out and went back into Dan’s guard for the remainder of the match.



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