Jeff Glover Calls Out Break Point Gear, Takes Post Down

Jeff Glover — one of the most exciting players in the BJJ game — is not a big fan of Break Point gear.

“Shame on break point gear,” Glover said in a Facebook post earlier this morning. “I never liked their ugly ass cloths and gis anyway. Don’t try to scam the jiu jitsu community son…You will be exposed real quick.”

Glover later took the post down, but you can see a screenshot of it here:

Break Point was accused in the post’s thread of forcing children to buy gis at their competitions. According to the individual posting, those who did not buy them were disqualified.

Break Point was also accused of posing as a concerned parent on Reddit:

Its very sad that in a small sport community there is so much hate for the competition and i dont mean on the mat. We all are here and doing these extra things for the love of our sport, so it can grow and improve and all there is is fighting among the different federations ( again not on the mat) Are certain businesses that afraid of a lil competition? I have seen nothing but bad mouthing from other federations like from people at Newaza / dream tournaments. I just read a post about them bashing nabjjf. We are all here for the love of the sport whether you prefer certain brands over others is one thing, but to hope and wish failure on others is not what I thought the BJJ community was about. I started Bjj with my son and met my husband thru it, it has always seemed like such a family environment till today.

They were later called out by someone with the handle drxap:

Looks like you are the tournament organizer and BP [Break Point] owner. Did you just create this account to come and bitch about being called out?

Have you had any experiences with Break Point gear? If so, tell us about them.



  1. I sent them an email stating the same thing last year in June and just read the email. I would screen shot it and post a picture but there’s no option.


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