Jessa Khan Submits Pati Fontes At Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Panza

The lone female match on tonight’s card at Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Panza ended early, with teen black belt star Jessa Khan finding quick success in the 115-lb match against multiple-time No-Gi World Champion Pati Fontes.

Khan pulled guard, but wasn’t there for long — a scramble as Fontes tried to pass ended up putting Khan on top. Fontes was able to defend herself with half- and quarter-guard while Khan tried to knee-cut through, but then, Khan was able to quickly and gracefully step over to mount. Fontes rolled Khan over, and Khan locked up closed guard. Fontes stood up and tried to push Khan down from her waist, and Khan seized the opportunity to attack a leg as she slid back to the ground.

Fontes countered with a toehold attempt, and Khan was able to escape danger and lock up closed guard briefly to attempt a sweep that ultimately led to both competitors sitting in a loose leg entanglement from guard. Khan came up to try to pass the guard and made a slick transition to an armbar. Though Fontes did a good job keeping her defensive grips locked at first, Khan was persistent and was able to extend the arm, getting the tap at just over five minutes into the match.

Khan was declared the winner by submission.


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