Nicky Ryan Defeats Gabriel Almeida At Who’s Number One: Jones Vs. Panza

The match between Nicky Ryan and Gabriel Almeida at Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Panza lasted for the entire fifteen minutes, with both athletes showing aggression and technique for as long as they could. In the end, though, despite Almeida’s impressive defense, Ryan was the one who had his hand raised.

After a short time wrestling on the feet, Almeida pulled guard. Ryan pressed forward and moved to get past his opponent’s butterfly hooks, moving through Almeida’s half-guard with a knee-slice. Almeida rolled up to his knees to defend, and as soon as Ryan got his leg free from Almeida’s control, he was able to take the back and lock up a body triangle. Almeida, however, was able to get his shoulders to the mat, using his newfound freedom to attack a toehold that encouraged Ryan to put more distance between them.

The athletes returned to their feet for a short time before Ryan brought them back to the ground with a takedown. Ryan was able to get his leg free from Almeida’s half-guard, and Almeida tried to get free from bottom side control by rolling up to his knees again. Ryan capitalized on the position to take the back and lock in a body triangle once more, but Almeida did a great job of again getting his shoulders to the mat to escape the position, this time winding up with Ryan inside his closed guard.

Ryan again got past the guard and moved to take the back, this time only getting one hook in before Almeida was able to return to defending from his back. Ryan stood up, and Almeida tried to attack a footlock. Ryan escaped with just under five minutes remaining, ending up on the bottom with Almeida trying to pass. With the clock winding down and the competitors slowing down, Ryan shot for a triangle that Almeida evaded. The competitors briefly returned to their feet before Ryan pulled guard. Almeida spent the remainder of the match looking for a guard pass, but neither competitor was able to land a submission before time ran out.

Nicky Ryan was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


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