Vagner Rocha Defeats Josh Hinger At Who’s Number One: Jones Vs. Panza

The match between Josh Hinger and Vagner Rocha didn’t even make it to the ground at Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Panza, but there was still plenty of the expected aggression between these two competitors (and even a bit of blood).

Though both Hinger and Rocha fought for grips as they wrestled, with Rocha trying for a foot sweep and Hinger attempting to pick up one of Rocha’s legs, the first major move of the match didn’t come until nearly nine minutes in, when Rocha shot in for a takedown that Hinger defended. Another significant moment came at about 3:15 before the end of the match when Rocha went for another trip that nearly brought Hinger to the ground. Both athletes stayed aggressive, with tight clinches and forceful grips setting the tone for the match.

Just as the match entered its final minute, Hinger shot for a takedown, and the referee immediately stopped the match as blood began leaking from a cut near Rocha’s eye. The blood was wiped away, and the match resumed.

Hinger shot again, and Rocha avoided being taken down. Both athletes picked up the pace in the last minute, with Rocha going for a shot of his own and slipping on the wet mats, nearly giving Hinger the opportunity to keep the match on the ground before hurrying back to his feet. Hinger went for one last single-leg as time ran out, but wasn’t able to bring Rocha to the ground.

Vagner Rocha was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.


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