Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner Holds Down Robber With RNC

According to G1.Globo News a man who stole from an elderly woman got caught right after his criminal act. However, it wasn’t the police that seized him. It was found that Jiu-jitsu practicioner immobilizes robber before the PMs were able to arrive at the scene. The incident happened in Santo Antonio Claret Street in Chapadao Garden, Sau Paulo.

The martial artist is 26-year old Hugo Gervais. He was just driving his car when he saw the theft happen at a street corner. The thief threw the old lady on the ground, grabbed her purse, and ran away with it. Gervais immediately stopped his car, went in pursuit of the assailant, and immobilized him using a RNC. The whole scuffle was witnessed by people who happened to be there at the same time. They were quite supportive of the fighter’s efforts. The stolen purse was retrieved and given back to the owner.

Meanwhile, the 25-year old suspect was identified as Cacielino Rocha. He appears to have been previously arrested due to drug trafficking but was released. He declined to give a comment about the incident to the media. The eye witnesses, on the other hand, gladly talked about what they saw. They said that the suspect was carrying a knife was fortunately a non-factor in his apprehension. The suspect already confessed at the police station. The old lady is fine with only a bruise on her arm.



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