Jocko Willink On How To Protect Kids From Bullying: “Get Them Into Jiu-Jitsu Immediately”

It’s rare to meet someone who didn’t encounter bullying as a kid. Whether they were the victim or the perpetrator, most kids deal with bullying at some point in their lives, and parents often feel helpless when their kids come to them for advice on how to deal with verbal or physical abuse from other children.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, BJJ black belt and former Navy SEAL officer Jocko Willink has some simple advice for parents who want to help their kids who are being bullied: “Get them into jiu-jitsu.” In a recent podcast episode, Willink describes the confidence-boosting benefits of martial arts for kids, and whether your kid is dealing with bullying or know someone whose child is struggling, this is a must-listen.

Check it out below:


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