Smaller grapplers know the struggle of rolling with larger training partners and getting smashed just because they’re seen as an “easier” target. Many people struggle to have productive rolls with smaller teammates, either using the roll as an opportunity for a muscled-out ego boost or as a “rest round.”

The truth, though, is that smaller grapplers have just as much to offer as the bigger ones, and getting the most out of your rolls with smaller teammates can be achieved with a bit of a mindset shift.

John Danaher has now shared his thoughts on rolling with smaller training partners, and whether you’re a larger grappler who can benefit from his advice or are a more compact practitioner who feels that your friends could learn a thing or two for their next roll with you, check out his words of wisdom:

When you train with the smaller guys: In Jiu jitsu we are expected to train with a wide array of partners. Some will be…

Posted by John Danaher on Thursday, June 11, 2020


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