John Danaher’s Tips On What To Do When You Can’t Do BJJ

The coronavirus outbreak has led to many people asking a question they never thought they’d have to ask: What can I do when there’s no opportunity to train?

It’s a question that many of us haven’t had to ask since starting jiu-jitsu. We’re healthy and have the time, but are staying away from the gym either because of our own self-quarantine or because our gym has closed in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. So now, many jiu-jitsu athletes are sitting and wondering what they can do to fill their suddenly free time they’re used to spending on the mats.

John Danaher himself has stepped in to give some recommendations. In this video with Bernardo Faria, Danaher outlines what you can do to prevent your jiu-jitsu skills from slipping too far away during your own time away from the gym. Take a listen and see if they help you feel a bit better while you’re stuck at home.


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