Jon Jones Helps Clean Up In Downtown Albuquerque Following Protests

Jon Jones has resumed making efforts to keep protests peaceful and productive in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On Monday, Jones shared a series of posts to his Instagram story showing that he and his teammates at Jackson Wink MMA were helping to repair damage that had occurred during the protests related to police brutality against Black people. The teammates boarded up broken windows, swept up glass, and assisted in cleanup efforts where needed.

Jones shared messages of support and encouraged people to protest peacefully.

“I called upon some of the men of Albuquerque, N.M. and quite a few showed up. We are fathers, we are brothers, we are business owners, we are members of this community, and we do not want to see you guys spray painting for no reason. We don’t want to see you guys throwing rocks through windows for no reason. We don’t want to see you breaking down hard-earned businesses for no reason.”

“Tonight, we’re gonna try and stop as many of you guys as we can. We come in peace. We’re gonna use our voices, our numbers, and we’re gonna be the difference.”

Jones also mentioned that the vast majority of protesting was peaceful, saying that there was only “one incident of looters downtown” and the situation was handled quickly.

Jones was also filmed convincing two young men to hand over their cans of spray paint in the middle of a protest and received widespread praise from the MMA community and beyond.


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