Louisiana BJJ Academy Offers Free Training Until Blue Belt For Law Enforcement

As the conversation around police brutality has spread within the United States and beyond in the wake of George Floyd’s death, a jiu-jitsu academy in Lafayette, Louisiana is trying to help police officers create safer interactions between themselves and the public.

Tim Credeur of Gladiators Academy published a post revealing that he and fellow BJJ professor Josh Artigue would be offering free training for law enforcement up until they get promoted to blue belt. The post also explained the reasoning behind the initiative, listing some of the benefits that BJJ practitioners can glean from even fundamental training in jiu-jitsu:

Ok, let's be the change…If you are a law enforcement officer in the Lafayette area, we will sponsor your jiu-jitsu…

Posted by Tim Credeur on Monday, June 1, 2020

While training jiu-jitsu is not the one and only way to combat police brutality, hopefully some members of law enforcement will be able to better protect themselves and feel more comfortable with non-lethal tactics if they can learn some basic grappling for free.


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