Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt And UFC Fighter Beneil Dariush Used His UFC 248 Bonus To Fund An Orphanage

UFC lightweight fighter Beneil Dariush is currently riding a five-fight winning streak, having finished all of his most recent four fights. Dariush isn’t just collecting wins (and paychecks) during his time as a pro MMA fighter, though — he’s also putting his funds to good use.

Dariush has also been funding an orphanage in Haiti. The orphanage has been running since May, and just two months ago, it was home to twenty childrne.

According to ESPN, the fighter recently donated his performance bonus from his bout at UFC 248 (which he finished with a knockout) to fund the orphanage as well. And this past week, Dariush finally got to travel to Haiti and meet some of the kids at the orphanage for the first time.

We had the privilege of visiting our friend, pastor Leo, and our orphanage in Haiti. The trip itself was only 4 day with an entire day dedicated to traveling, but the blessings of the trip out weighed all the requirements. I finally got to meet my kids and see their situation. I was so happy to see how well the kids are treated and how much joy they have. I want to thank everyone who donated to our orphanage to make this possible. God bless you ❤️

Hopefully, this special project will help more and more kids get the care and assistance they need.


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