Matheus Gonzaga & BJJ Fanatics Team Up To Raise Over $2,000 For Tap Cancer Out

A two-day jiu-jitsu DVD sale has led to over $2,000 being raised for Tap Cancer Out (TCO) thanks to the efforts of Matheus Gonzaga and BJJ Fanatics.

Gonzaga, a BJJ black belt who trains at Atos HQ, asked BJJ Fanatics to run a sale on his instructional DVDs to raise money for the nonprofit, which has raised well over $1 million for cancer research and treatment since 2012. The BJJ instructional outlet agreed, and over two days, all of the revenue from Gonzaga’s DVD sales on the site was collected to be donated to TCO.

Now, the Jiu-Jitsu Times has confirmed that the combined efforts of Gonzaga and BJJ Fanatics have raised $2,224.25 for TCO through the sale of the 2015 purple belt world champion’s three DVDs on the website.

In a statement to the Jiu-Jitsu Times, TCO founder Jon Thomas expressed his gratitude for the donation.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of Matheus and BJJ Fanatics. It’s great to see all the different ways the BJJ community has come up with to support our cause. Especially right now, this means a lot.”

This isn’t the first time that BJJ Fanatics has helped raise money for a good cause. Back in August, they used their anniversary sale to donate the equivalent of 59,000 meals to Feeding America.


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