Judo Champion & BJJ Practitioner Cyril Boulanger Has Died Of COVID-19 At Age 37

Image Source: Aziz Cherigui via Facebook

A French judo champion and BJJ practitioner has passed away due to the novel coronavirus, according to French news outlet L’Aisne Nouvelle.

Cyril Boulanger, who won the French FSGT judo champion in the veteran category last June, was hospitalized over the past week in “very serious condition.” The 37-year-old father of two boys later passed away due to the virus.

The Union Sportive d’Esmery-Hallon Officiel shared their condolences following the passing of Boulanger, who was from Esmery-Hallon.

C'est le cœur lourd que nous apprenons le départ soudain d'un ancien du club. Cyril Boulanger, toutes nos pensées vont as ses enfants et son épouse.

Posted by Union Sportive d'Esmery-Hallon Officiel on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Boulanger had also recently begun his Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey under Aziz Cherigui. Cherigui also shared a post commemorating his student and sharing his sorrow.

Je me prépare à manger, et je pense à mon ami Je suis vivant, et lui il est mort aujourd'hui…Je mange et je…

Posted by Aziz Cherigui on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Getting ready to eat and thinking about my friend. I’m alive, and he died today…I eat and cry. I can’t see my plate anymore. The corona is in our vital space. May Allah guide us, and protect us… ALL

Boulanger’s passing is a painful reminder that COVID-19 can also have devastating effects on relatively young, healthy people. The CDC’s recommendations for preventing the virus include frequent and thorough hand-washing and social distancing.


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