Spyder Invitational Results: Kaynan Duarte Defeats Leandro Lo In First Round

One of jiu-jitsu’s top young stars has knocked BJJ legend Leandro Lo out of the Spyder Invitational in the first round of the 100kg bracket, and now, ADCC champion Kaynan Duarte will be moving on to the next round.

After Duarte began aggressively shaking Lo down by the lapels, Lo pulled guard. Duarte was unable to pass, and Lo rose to his feet while attempting a takedown on Duarte. Duarte, however, was able to secure a hold for an arm-in guillotine, which Lo managed to escape.

Both competitors restarted on their feet and ended up receiving two penalties each for a lack of action. Duarte pulled guard, and although Lo was unable to pass, a sweep attempt led both competitors to be back on their feet. Lo then pulled closed guard, then went back to his feet, then pulled closed guard again. Lo attempted once again to get to his feet, but Duarte pushed him back down as the competitors went out of bounds with under a minute left. The competitors were reset with Duarte trying to pass Lo’s guard, and although Lo attempted to sweep his opponent, the clock ran out with Duarte still up by an advantage, and he claimed victory.


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