Spyder Invitational Results: Levi Jones-Leary Defeats Gabriel Arges In First Round

One of the more exciting matches of the first round of the Spyder Invitational is complete, and Australian black belt Levi Jones-Leary will be moving on to the next round after getting the win over Gracie Barra standout Gabriel Arges.

Jones-Leary immediately attempted a berimbolo once the match had started, but Arges was able to keep him from getting to the back. Jones-Leary attempted an Estima lock, but Arges didn’t seem fazed and was ultimately able to escape the hold. Jones-Leary then attempted a straight-ankle lock; Arges maintained a poker face and was able to get out.

Jones-Leary continued to fight to try to get back control, but Arges’ defense kept him away. Arges then got to his feet and worked on passing Jones-Leary’s guard, though was unsuccessful. Jones-Leary came dangerously close to sweeping Arges, and although Arges was able to defend against the sweep, his attempt at a footlock allowed Jones-Leary to come up and get two points. Jones-Leary’s time on the winning side of the scoreboard was short-lived, however, as Arges was able to come back up and get two points of his own.

With the scoreboard tied up at the end of the match, the decision ultimately went to Jones-Leary, who will advance to the next round of the competition to face Matheus Lutes.


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