Kaynan Duarte Defeats Nicholas Meregali To Win 100kg Division At Spyder Invitational

The highly anticipated 100kg final of the Spyder Invitational saw ADCC champion Kaynan Duarte face off against Nicholas Meregali. After a very close and careful, but mostly uneventful match, Duarte came away with the victory and $100k prize.

Meregali pulled guard, and a lack of action resulted in a penalty for both athletes. Meregali played guard while Duarte tried to pass. While the competitors were mostly at a stalemate for the first half of the match, Duarte came close to passing, and Meregali attempted a sweep that nearly worked, but ultimately, Duarte ended up back in Meregali’s closed guard with a minute left in the match. With just seconds to go, Meregali attempted another sweep and Duarte scrambled to pass, but neither was able to get points before the clock ran out.

With no points on the board and a penalty for each competitor, the decision went to the judges, who awarded Duarte the victory. As the winner of the 100kg division, Duarte will go home with $100k, which is also how much Levi Jones-Leary won for his victory in the 76kg division. ( See Full Result )


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