Levi Jones-Leary Defeats Matheus Gabriel In Spyder Invitational Final, Wins $100k

The 76kg final of the Spyder Invitational saw Australia’s Levi Jones-Leary face off against Matheus Gabriel, and although both athletes came dangerously close to being disqualified, Jones-Leary came ahead with the big win.

A double-guard pull that resulted in a lack of action prompted a penalty for both competitors as the referee stood them back up. After the reset, the competitors once again ended up both playing guard, and Jones-Leary tried to secure a footlock before Gabriel escaped. Both competitors were penalized for lack of action, and virtually the exact same sequence (double-guard pull to footlock attempt to penalty) happened again, leaving both competitors with three penalties each.

Another double-guard pull once again led Jones-Leary to a tight footlock attempt on his opponent, but Gabriel was able to defend. An intense scramble led to a sweep by Jones-Leary in the final minute of the match, and the two additional points put him in the lead. Gabriel was unable to sweep Jones-Leary before the clock ran out, and Jones-Leary was declared the champion of the 76kg division. The victory earned him $100,000. ( See Full Result )


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