Khonry Gracie Wins Second Pro MMA Fight In Bellator Via Armbar

Bellator 225 proved to be a great night for Khonry Gracie, nabbing the welterweight his first submission victory inside the octagon against Oscar Vera.

The match began with Gracie staying cautious on the feet, only opting for a single leg kick and maintaining distance from Vera. But at five seconds past the four-minute mark, Gracie closed the gap into over-under hooks and managed to inside trip Vera, landing in mount. From there Gracie sought to free his left arm from Vera’s overhand grip to initiate strikes.

Vera worked to maintain control of the arm as he moved his back up the cage to try and escape to his feet. As Gracie started throwing short rights to Vera’s head and body, Vera was able to stand and sweep Gracie in return. But before he can launch the offensive, Gracie grips his right hand and uses pressure from his left leg against his head to help lock in an armbar. One textbook finish later and Gracie gets the tap.

This marks the second time Vera has lost to a Gracie via armor, Robson Gracie Jr. defeating him with the same maneuver last June. This win brings Gracie’s record to 2-1.


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