Man Attacked Outside BJJ Gym, Defends Himself With BJJ

Imagine my shock.

A man used BJJ to subdue an attacker outside of Gracie Sports BJJ in Norwalk, CT yesterday afternoon. The video posted to the Gracie Sports Instagram page shows the man, a parent of one of the students according to the post, verbally engaged with the attacker in the parking lot.

The attacker then quickly closes the distance by marching towards the man. The man then ducks a punch thrown by the attacker and immediately transitions to a body lock takedown to top control. The fight is disrupted moments later by a passing onlooker having to yank the defending man off of his opponent. Interesting to note is that the man wasn’t even a student according to the post, but was able to pick up basic lessons through repeatedly watching his son’s practice sessions.

“He’s unharmed, and said he’ll now start training!” Gracie Sports coach Deborah Gracie said about the man. Gracie then explained that the attacker had a history of harassing GS members and staff over parking spaces for his business next-door. I can’t imagine this man knew that this was not the kind of business to mess with.

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Why learn and study self defense? The reasons are uncountable, but today’s lesson was: You never know what can happen to you, at any time something can happen where you will need to have your reflex and techniques on point. Self defense was put to the test today in front of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in Norwalk! A guy that works next door and always messes up with people in the parking lot attacked a student’s father, who brilliantly defended himself with a very basic self defense technique that we teach all the time. The student’s father doesn’t train Jiu Jitsu but he learned it just from watching his son’s classes. Imagine you wake up on a beautiful and sunny Saturday to take your son to his Jiu Jitsu class and get attacked in the parking lot? The self defense study and values are immeasurable in many aspects and is very important to keep it sharp, so that you can be ready if you ever need it cause it usually happens when we don’t expect it. Self defense is good to know and not need it, than need it and not know it. Jiu Jitsu is so amazing, fun and a complete martial art – every part of jiu jitsu is beautiful and important, but remember: those are the times you don’t want to sit back and play guard berimbolos or attack people’s feet… so let’s keep up studying Jiu Jitsu – not in parts – but in a complete way!!! If you dont do Jiu Jitsu sign up now!!! Try now a free intro class! #graciejiujitsu #graciesportsusa #norwalkct #fairfieldct #macarrabjj #jiujitsu #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #bjjlifestyle #artesuave #bjjgirls #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlife #blackbelt #jiujitsufeminino #jiujitsulife #bjjkids #jiujitsugirls #bjjfamily #bjj4life #lifestyle #selfdefense #womenselfdefence #bjjstyle #bjjblackbelt #bjjlife #bjjschool #bjjkids #fairfieldctbjj #norwalkctbjj #bullyproof #antibullying

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Stories like this highlight the fact that despite how enjoyable it is as a sport, BJJ is one of the most crucial defensive tools against aggressive action that you can arm yourself with.

“Self-defense is fundamental to BJJ, from there all paths start to develop,” Gracie said.

So yea, sign up already!


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