Korean UFC Fighter Tae Hyun Bang Gets 10 Months In Prison For Fixing Fight At UFC Fight Night 79

Korean UFC fighter Tae Hyun Bang is going to be spending a lot more time in the cage.

Unfortunately, it’s not the type of cage any fighter… or anyone, for that matter…wants to spend time in.

Bang was sentenced to 10 months in prison for fixing his fight at UFC Fight Night 79 against Leo Kuntz. According to The Korea Herald, Bang was found guilty of taking a bribe of 100 million won, which is roughly equal to $92,160.

However, the Korean fighter apparently changed his mind and went on to beat Kuntz via split decision.

That didn’t save him in the court’s eyes, though, and Bang will still be serving 10 months in a Korean prison. The three men who bribed him will also receive jail time.



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