Kron Gracie Out From ADCC And Dillon Danis In

Kron Gracie dropping out from ADCC to focus on his MMA career, Here is his recent interview with TATAME
“I will continue dedicating myself to MMA in 2015 , but fighting ADCC interest me , yes. Taking the ADCC , I’m out the rest. The World does not please me , I see all fighters with a different goal of mine. They want to hold your sleeve , hold and wait for time to pass . Just want to be left holding the game. I do not see this as a real fight , I see only as a strategy to win . For me , Jiu -Jitsu is much more than that”

But don’t worry since Kron Gracie is out Dillon Danis is in! Dillon got invited to compete at ADCC in Brazil



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