Kyle Boehm Defeats Lucas Barbosa To Become BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix Champ & Win $10,000 Prize

Kyle Boehm took home the $10,000 prize at the BJJ Fanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix tonight after multiple exciting matches that culminated in a final that saw him face Lucas Barbosa.

Boehm, now a black belt, had also won the BJJ Fanatics brown belt event, and a lot of people were eager to see what the 10th Planet standout could do against some of the other big names in jiu-jitsu.

Boehm moved into his familiar game of playing guard as Barbosa tried to pass. The competitors then went to their feet for a couple of minutes before Boehm pulled closed guard. After Boehm moved to rubber guard, Barbosa escaped, and the athletes were back to the process of Barbosa trying to pass Boehm’s open guard. Boehm once again pulled closed guard, then moved to rubber guard, which Barbosa slipped out of. Barbosa then went for a leg lock, and Boehm countered by going for a heel hook. Barbosa aggressively rolled out of the attempt, and the grapplers then went to their feet until time ran out in regulation.

Overtime began with Barbosa on Boehm’s back. Barbosa gave Boehm the most trouble that Boehm had experienced in OT in this event, and for a moment, it appeared that Barbosa may secure a choke on Boehm, but Boehm was able to escape shortly afterward. Boehm then took Barbosa’s back and immediately secured a body triangle. Barbosa spent a significant amount of time unable to escape from the position, and Boehm attempted a secure a choke on his opponent, but the clock ran out before he could get the tap.

The second round of overtime saw Barbosa stay on Boehm’s back until time ran out. When Boehm took the offensive position, he was once again able to secure a body triangle, but Barbosa managed to escape before time ran out. In the third round, Boehm was able to swiftly get his shoulders to the mat and escape Barbosa’s hold on him. As Boehm took Barbosa’s back, he once again secured a body triangle, and Barbosa made one last-ditch effort to escape before appearing to just give up. The clock ran out, and Boehm was declared the winner via ride time in OT.


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