Kyle Boehm Defeats Tex Johnson In OT At BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix, Will Face Lucas Barbosa In Final

Kyle Boehm and Tex Johnson had a rematch in the semifinals of the BJJ Fanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix, and now, we’ll be seeing the King of the Mat champion moving on to the finals.

Boehm and Johnson had faced each other in the KotM event, with Boehm choking Johnson in overtime to claim victory. Fans were looking forward to see if Boehm could have a repeat performance, or if Johnson could get the better of him this time around.

Much of the first half of the match was spent with Johnson trying to pass Boehm’s guard, which he ultimately achieved. However, Boehm patiently waited for a chance to escape, and once he did, he went back to playing guard against Johnson, throwing in a leg lock attempt that Johnson escaped from. With just under two minutes left in regulation, Boehm attempted another heel hook, but Johnson disengaged quickly. Johnson went for an Estima lock on Boehm just before time ran out, and the clock hit 0:00 before he could do anything with it.

As overtime began, Johnson started out with an armbar hold on Boehm; Boehm rolled to his knees and managed to pull his arm out quickly. As Boehm moved to the attacking position, he took Johnson’s back, and after securing a body triangle, he secured a choke on his opponent and got the tap to win the match.

Boehm will now move on to face Lucas Barbosa in the finals of the event.


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