Lucas Barbosa Defeats Nick Rodriguez In Overtime At BJJ Fanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix

The action is well underway at the BJJ Fanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix, and in an action-packed match between two giants, Lucas Barbosa has claimed victory over Nick Rodriguez.

After a brief exchange on the feet, the competitors moved to the ground, and Barbosa trapped Rodriguez in his closed guard. A failed triangle-armbar attempt from Barbosa ultimately led to the athletes ending up in a leg lock battle, which Barbosa appeared to be on the winning end of as he forced a brutal toehold on Rodriguez. Rodriguez didn’t tap, however, and the competitors broke apart before Barbosa went for a heel hook on his opponent that Rodriguez managed to escape from.

Barbosa went back to playing guard, and Rodriguez stayed on his knees trying to pass until regulation ran out.

In overtime, Rodriguez started off on Barbosa’s back, but Barbosa quickly escaped. When the competitors switched, Rodriguez was stuck with Barbosa on his back for slightly longer, but also managed to escape relatively fast. The second and third rounds of overtime saw a repeat, with Barbosa managing to escape Rodriguez’s back take much quicker than Rodriguez could get away from Barbosa. In the end, Barbosa took the victory by ride time in overtime.


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