Leandro Lo Becomes First Ever Copa Podio Triple Crown Champion

Leandro Lo has done it! The 27-year-old black belt defeated Alexander Trans to become the first ever Triple Crown Champion at the Copa Podio Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Lo pulled guard early in the match and both men ended up in 50/50. Lo got top position, scoring two points that he held onto throughout the match.

Trans put on an excellent show and came close to scoring points on at least two different occasions.  Once he almost tripped Lo with a leg sweep, and another time he was within inches of hitting a triangle.

But Lo was just too good, and when the time was up, it was Leandro who danced in celebration of his victory before he had his hand raised.

Triple Crown! Leandro Lo makes history, defeating Alexander Trans 2-0 in the Copa Podio Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals. But our night isn't over, yet! Fight to Win Pro 16 is about to begin. Bill Cooper vs Dustin Akbari is the main event. Watch Live – http://bit.ly/2evmHcr

Posted by FloGrappling on Saturday, October 22, 2016


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