Highlights Of Copa Podio

Another thrilling Copa Podio has finished.

In the first match, Leandro Lo beat Nicolas Meregali 4-2 on points. Then, he beat Dillon Danis and Max Gimenis on advantages and points respectively.

In the second group, Erberth Santos drew with Claudio Calasans, then submitted Diego Borges with an ankle lock. After this, he beat Dan Borovic and John Combs with a kneebar and triangle respectively.

The entertaining semifinals featured Borges vs Lo and Meregali vs Santos. Santos quickly kneebarred Meregali and faced Lo in the final.

Lo maintained his composure throughout Santos’s attempt at a toe hold. In the last ninety seconds of the fight, the scoreline was 2-0 to Lo.

Lo performed some clever moves to mount Santos’s back and the scoreline quickly changed to 6-0. At this point, the match was effectively over.

Borges faced Meregali for third place and won with a 2-0 scoreline.


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