Three Vitamins You Should Be Taking

As athletes it is important that we keep our bodies healthy and strong. However, many Jiu Jitsuka are not getting all their needs. This is pretty common as it is hard these days to get all of our needs through diet alone. So, unless you are eating a near perfect diet or are already supplementing; you should probably be looking into vitamins. While all vitamins are important and should be taken into consideration, I believe that the’re 3 that all Jiu Jitsuka should be taking. So if you already take these then congrats. You are on top of your health! However, if you don’t yet take these, you may want to take another look.

B-Complex – You can take a complex or take multiple B Vitamins, but they are all pretty important. The list of benefits for B Vitamins is fairly long, but in general B- Vitamins help keep our bodies running by helping in numerous processes such as regulating amino acids, helping in the breakdown of fats and carbs to aiding in the lowering of cholesterol. Essentially they help our bodies regulate healthy levels of certain chemicals than can keep us preforming at optimum levels.

Fish Oil – Fish oil is another great supplement for athletes which can aid us in more ways than I even knew. I recently found an article which sites 10 key benefits of fish oil at (Draxe). However, want to talk more about the benefits of fish oil on weight loss which I found a helpful list online as well , (home, 2016)

“Fish oil provides the body with healthy fats that it needs to function properly but that it can’t produce on its own.

These fats do not turn into excess body weight. Instead, your body uses them to build the outside lipid (fat) layer to protect cells, enabling them to function properly.

Fish oil improves metabolism, enabling the body to burn fat faster.

Fish oil also helps the body separate glucose from dietary carbs and store it as energy for later use. Fish oil helps to build muscle.

Fish oil regulates the release of serotonin, a chemical which regulates appetite. Taking fish oil supplements after meals helps make you feel full longer, enabling you to eat less.

Fish oil increases insulin sensitivity, which means your body is less likely to store food as fat.

Studies have shown that those who work out and take fish oil lose more weight than those doing the same workout without taking fish oil.

Omega-3s stimulate the enzymes that help to burn fat. Combine a fish oil regimen with exercise (45 minutes a day, 3 days a week), and you’ll boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

Most people will see a reduction in belly fat and an improvement in insulin health while taking a minimum of 1.5 gms of this fish oil per day. However, different people get different amounts of Omega-3s from their daily diet, so ask a doctor how much fish oil is best for you.

Because fish oil improves metabolism, it reduces the risk of metabolic diseases.

Make sure to properly balance your intake of Omega – 3s and Omega – 6s. This balance effects how well you burn calories while resting.

Omega-3s and Omega-6s are poly-unsaturated fats, which are good for your body. They help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL), and they protect your heart and immune system and reduce inflammation.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that overweight and obese people who took 15g of EPA and DHA a day did lose weight, but the amount of weight lost was not significantly more than the amount lost by those who took placedbos.”


Glucosamins/Chondroitin–  Both of these supplements are found in cartilage and are believed to help with joint repair. If you train Jiu-Jitsu then you surly know how much of a beating our joints can take. I know I have had my fair share of sore elbows, knees, fingers and just about everything.  This sounds amazing right? And apparently this isn’t even as new as we all may have thought. “In 1984 researchers in Frankfurt, Germany, brought to the attention of the world the benefits of glucosamine for healing knee problems in young athletes. A condition called chondropathia patellae is a common disorder of the knee in young athletes. The healing of this affliction must be rapid to avoid the development of future serious degenerative joint disease.  After taking a glucosamine supplement (1,500 mg per day for a few months) the teenage athletes quickly recovered, and returned to training. Reduction in knee pain was observed in just a few weeks. Furthermore, after a 12 month period of returning to training, researchers observed that the young athletes did not experience a recurrence of the knee problem.”( Gastelu, 2008)


What other vitamins do you feel are vital for Jiu Jitsu athletes? Do you take any of these 3 and how have they helped you ? I know personally I take B-Complex and fish oil, and I definitely notice a difference overall.


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