Leandro Lo Defeats Erberth Santos Again For The 3rd Time In Less Than A Month

Leandro Lo

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) has a new overall champion with number one status. Leandro Lo decisively beat his opponent Erbereth Santos de Mesquita at the Curitiba International Open competition on Saturday the twentieth of May, 2017 to achieve a double gold by winning both his weight class and beating Erbereth Santos in the final.

Both champions had no difficulty reaching the finals with both achieving their qualifying victories without any difficulties. Leandro Lo had a victory in the Heavyweight division to score his first 27 points to come within reach of his rival Erbereth Santos who won gold in the ultra heavyweight division. This meant that the final decision for who would be the ultimate victor would have to be settled in the open black belt competition.

The final showdown was suitably dramatic with Erberth attempting a flying triangle on Lo in the closing stages of the match but ultimately losing on points. Lo started the match by pulling guard three times and scrambling to stay on his feet. Erberth Santos stayed on top by using a leg drag to get on Lo’s side.

Lo managed to sweep Erberth to the ground in the middle of the round to lead by2-0. Erberth attempted a toe hold while Lo attacked his foot. Transitioning to a leg lock, Erberth tried to intimidate his opponent but neither of them looked close to tapping out.

With the referee scoring two advantages for Erberth and one for Lo, Erberth attempted his attack triangle as both players resumed a stand-up position. Lo defended well, however, and was finally awarded the match on points. Lo finished the season with 1524 points and won the first place $15k prize money while Erbereth finished with 1520 points and took the $4k runner-up prize.

Erberth Santos x Leandro Lo – Final Absoluto Faixa Preta – Curitiba Fall International IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017

Posted by Arena Jiu-Jitsu on Saturday, May 20, 2017


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