12-Year-Old MMA Fighter Chokes Out A 24-Year-Old Opponent – Momo Shimizu

Momoko Yamazaki

Not many in America would ever consider the possibility of a 12-year-old girl (Momo Shimizu) choke out opponent in one round, but that is what happened. The 12 year old fighter has been a professional MMA fighter for some time, which could be the reason why fighting this 24 year old woman did not discourage her.

Most people in the United States were scared that the 7th grader would be fighting and felt that it was wrong, but the little fighter was not scared at all.

The little fighter’s name is Momo Shimizu, which is a name that many MMA fans will know well because it seems her ferocity cannot be stopped. Japan did not seem to concerned as it seems these types of fights are set up all the time.

Shimizu told uproxx she was not worried about the fight; in fact, she took it as a true challenge of her skills. The person that she was fighting was a formidable fighter with a good MMA history, but little Shimizu was able to beat Momoko Yamazaki by a rear naked choke.

Momo has trains six times a week for at least three hours, which is something that she has done since kindergarten. She is definitely no amateur and has proved that.


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