Leandro Lo Defeats Gordon Ryan Via Points At The ADCC West Coast Trials

Gordon Ryan didn’t go to the ADCC West Coast Trials looking for a fight, but that’s what he got. Best of all, he got it against a man he had wanted to fight for a long time, Leandro Lo.

The two spent the first five minutes in an aggressive collar tie. Gordon chased Lo, looking for the takedown, and Lo pushed him away.

Leandro eventually got the takedown and went into half guard. Instead of passing, Leandro chose to stand up as Ryan tried to pull him down into his butterfly guard.

Lo kept on backing off, though, earning himself two warnings for stalling. Ten minutes passed and Leandro could not get around Gordon’s open guard.

Gordon tried to get aggressive at one point, but Leandro ran and Gordon could not take his back. The referee took a point away from Lo.

Down one point, it looked like the match could have gone in Ryan’s favor, but Leandro Lo scored a takedown and earned himself two points. Minutes later, he earned himself two more, extending his lead to 4-0.

Try as he could, and despite the respect he earned for taking a fight on five minutes notice, Gordon Ryan just couldn’t get the “W” next to his name.

Winner via points, Leandro Lo!


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