Leandro Lo Wins Weight And Open Weight At Brasileiro 2017

Brazilian National 2017

Leandro Lo wins Weight And open weight at Brazilian National 2017. In an exciting match that went back and forth for a time and wowed the crowd, Lo defeated Erberth Santos by two points. Both fighters put on a show and showed their great athletic ability. The victory gave Leonardo double gold in the Brazilian Nationals. After his exciting match, Lo dedicated the win to the people of Brazil. He stated that he decided to dedicate the victory to them because they always support him. Leandro also stated that he was grateful for the continued support from the people of Brazil.

Intense Match! Leandro Lo Defeats Erberth Santos At Brasileiro 2017 Open Weight!

Santos, who lost the match on points, was very gracious after his defeat and was quick to congratulate Lo on his win. Erberth went on to say that Leandro proved that he was the best at the sport and also suggested that it came down to it not being his time to win. Santos also said that he was going to keep training hard so that he can one day catch up to Lo. If Santos and Lo do ever face one another again, it is certain that the match will be another thrill ride for the fans and tough battle to the end.


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