RESULTS: Luan Carvalho Narrowly Defeats Edwin Najmi At ACB JJ 12

Nova União’s Luan Carvalho and Gracie Barra’s Edwin Najmi faced off at ACB JJ 12 in one of the event’s most exciting matches.

The first round started off with stalling penalties for both competitors, but the action soon picked up when Najmi went for a flying triangle on Carvalho. Carvalho went out of bounds trying to escape it, and Najmi was awarded two points for a takedown. Carvalho attempted an omoplata on Najmi but was unable to finish it. The match was also full of footlock attempts, with both athletes looking like they might end the match early, but neither being able to get the tap.

Ultimately, the judges awarded Carvalho the win by split decision.



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