Mackenzie Dern Booted From UFC Strawweight Rankings

Source: Youtube

Mackenzie Dern was recently booted from the UFC rankings.

According to MMA Mania, the undefeated mixed martial artist and IBJJF Champion was kicked off the rankings due to her inability to make weight for her most recent fight. Dern took on Amanda Cooper at UFC 224. Though winning via first-round submission, Mackenzie’s win came with a heavy (yes, that pun was intended) amount of controversy because she tipped the scales at a whopping seven pounds over the 116-pound limit.

Dern faced even more criticism when she managed to get into the UFC Strawweight rankings. Fellow Strawweight Felice Herrig called the rankings “total bulls**t”, and Angela Hill referred to it as a “slap in the face” when she learned she was bumped from her #15 spot by Mackenzie.

It appears that the UFC heard their cries and decided to not only kick Dern out of the rankings, but return the #15 spot to Hill.

No comment yet from Mackenzie Dern over getting kicked out of the Strawweight rankings.

Source: UFC Fighter Rankings



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