Mahamed Aly Tells Kaynan Duarte & Patrick Gaudio: “We Need [Lachlan Giles’] DVD ASAP”

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

In case you somehow missed it, Lachlan Giles pulled off not just one, but three crazy upsets yesterday in the absolute division of ADCC. First, he heel hooked +99kg champion Kaynan Duarte in round one, then disposed of Patrick Gaudio in similar fashion in round two. He couldn’t get past Gordon Ryan (which, to be fair, can also be said of literally everyone else who competed against Ryan yesterday), but in the battle for third place, he quickly leg locked Mahamed Aly to earn bronze.

In a post-match interview with the Jiu-Jitsu Times, Giles gave some advice to smaller grapplers facing similar predicaments of competing against opponents much larger than them, and he also recommended purchasing his BJJ Fanatics DVD for a more in-depth education.

But that DVD isn’t just for us “normal” jiu-jitsu athletes looking to one day be a fraction as good as the competitors we saw this weekend — Aly himself may become one of Giles’ DVD owners, and he’s recommended that fellow victims Duarte and Gaudio do the same.

In a comment on a FloGrappling post highlighting Giles’ accomplishment, Aly tagged the other two competitors and said, “We need his DVD asap.”

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The comment is a funny, light-hearted display of good sportsmanship from Aly, and while it may just be a casual comment, don’t be surprised if these three giants come back in two years with some leg lock skills that remarkably resemble those of the 77kg guy who took them out this year.


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