Make Sure You’ve Giving Back To Your Friends & Teammates In Jiu-Jitsu

Image Source: Giulliana Fonseca Photo & Video

Our jiu-jitsu “peer group” can be one of the most important collections of people in our lives. The people you train with — and befriend — can help you exponentially in your jiu-jitsu journey, which can extend to your personal development outside of the sport as well. But are you giving them as much as they’re giving you?

In this video, Pete McHugh of McHugh BJJ explains why it’s so important to identify your peer group in jiu-jitsu and make sure you’re giving them as much as they give you. Take a listen to his words of wisdom and make sure you apply them to your own BJJ approach!

Featured image by Giulliana Fonseca Photo & Video


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