Man Removes Ankle Monitor So He Can Train BJJ

Talk about no excuses! Florida resident Guillermo Jose Ocasio Almodovar was not even going to let the law get in the way of his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

According to News4Jax, Almodovar had to wear a ankle monitor as a condition of his pre-trial release from jail due to a domestic violence allegation.

However, he also had to face a dilemma: keep the ankle monitor on and miss jiu-jitsu class, or go to class and risk arrest.

Believe it or not, Almodovar went with the latter.

When a deputy showed up at his house and saw that the device wasn’t on, Guillermo explained that it fell off in the shower and that he wouldn’t be able to wear it to jiu-jitsu. ┬áHe told the officer that the monitor was in the freezer, where police later found it.

The long arm of the law did not exactly sympathize with Almodovar’s need to train, and they put in jail for “criminal mischief.”

Guillermo Almodovar may not be the smartest or most ethical human being on the planet, but you have to admire his love for Brazilian jiu-jitsu!




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